miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Bakery Delicias#LBD

hola, esta Semana os traigo otro solar comercial, esta Bakery la hice para el reto de construcción de julio, del foro simcomplejos. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, this week we bring you another commercial solar, this Bakery I did for the challenge of construction in July, on the simcomplejos Forum.
La Bakery, tiene dos plantas, en la planta baja (la de calle),se encuentra la zona de degustación, como la terraza, en esta planta, también se encuentra el obrador de la Bakery. En la segunda planta se encuentran los lavabos y una zona chill-out, también en esta planta, hay un pequeño apartamento, con todo lo necesario para vivir, por si al dueño se le hace tarde y prefiere quedarse descansando en el apartamento ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bakery, has two floors, on the ground (the street), it is the tasting area, as the terrace, in this plant, is also the workshop of the Bakery. On the second floor are basins and an area chill-out, also on this floor, there is a small apartment with everything you need to live, if the owner is made later and prefer to stay resting in the apartment


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  1. Very cute ! Thank you !

  2. it says that you used custom contents so it removed many things. where are the links of the custom content? great job btw. :D

  3. hey im sorry for this question again, where are the links of the custom contents? :(

    1. Hello, first of all, forgive me for not having replied earlier, I've been very busy with work, and I've hardly played the sims 4, this solar did it in July of last year, so I have no idea where they are objects, much time has passed, it is more, often objects delete them the mods folder When I finished the project, and this project was for a contest of a forum, so not me chord point addresses, feel really not help

    2. thank you for responding and its okay. :) oh, i understand but i would like to say i really love this work, thank you for showing this and great job! good luck with your work too. :D